Feb 28, 2010

OSx 10.5.7 with ATI Radeon HD 4870

For All Hackintosh enthusiasts,

I got my Diamond ATI Radeon HD 4870 512mb working successfully with QE/CI support. Used OSx 10.5.7 & Natit pkg.

  • I used iAtkos 5i (10.5.5) distro with Voodoo kernel. Selected the the VGA driver and compatible network, SATA driers.
  • Then I had to start in safe mode with ( -x ) kernel parameter. If you start in normal mode it will flicker and just show a blank & pixlated screen.
  • Then in safe mode I have updated to 10.5.7 from the Mac menu ‘Update’ option. This will install the Vanilla 9.7 kernel and I had to enable the vanilla kernel in Boot.plist file changing the kernel mode from ‘custom’ to ‘mach_kernel’. Remember I had to do it in single user (which is root console) mode with -s kernel parameter, because I could not find the root password for iAtkos distro.
  • After restart I still got the flickering, and then safe mode again and installed the Natit pkg.
  • Another restart… voila! It worked with hardware acceleration and QE/CI support in 1080P resolution.

I tried nVidia GTS 250 and GTX 260 but did not have any luck, so I had to gamble with a new 4870 and it paid off.