Dec 10, 2008

JavaScript Performance Testing with 'SunSpider'

I have done some web browser benchmarking with SunSpider benchmark test. I used the following browsers;
  • Chrome 0.4
  • Firefox 3.0.4
  • Opera 9.61
  • IE 6
  • Safari 3.0.3
I found that Google Chrome outperformed all the browsers, and it was 30X faster than IE! There was something going wrong with Safari, it did not even finish the test; it stopped at 'controlflow-recursive' test and did not proceed.

Welcome Back!

Hello There... After a long time I am writing to my personal blog. First I want to apologize for a long delay. This year was a very busy and exciting one for me. Well the big news is I got married in last December and now I am living in Austin with my wife, Natasha. Married life is kind of busy :) and interesting; with some added responsibilities. I am planning to visit Sri Lanka soon and will be back in January 2009. I will post to my blog frequently when I come back. (NO, I mean it, there will not be more long gaps in my blog).

There are some interesting articles I would like to post about the new things I learnt and done in specially Java, Spring, Hibernate, Facelets, CSS, Unit Testing with DBUnit and H2 database etc. I got lot to share, so don't go away, stay tuned!