May 2, 2012

Apache 2 SSL setup in Ubuntu

I was trying to get SSL setup with Apache 2 Http server in Ubuntu. I've enabled the SSL module and restarted but I was getting this error:

Invalid method in request \x16\x03

After some googling, I've found this article .  The following was the suggestion and it works.

sudo ln -s /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-ssl
sudo service apache2 restart

Apr 8, 2012

Mac OS X Lion and iTerm 2 Keybindings

I had to switch from Linux to Mac OS X Lion (10.7) at my work place. After getting used to Linux bash shell, I did not like the Mac terminal at all. I've install iTerm 2 and played with its keybindings and I've got the following useful keyboard shortcuts working.
  • To move cursor word-by-word  backward: Mapped Option + Left Arrow key to "Send Escape Sequence" and b
  • To move cursor word-by-word  forward: Mapped Option + Right Arrow key and "Send Escape Sequence" and f
  • To move cursor to the beginning of the sentence: Mapped Option + Up Arrow key to "Send Hex Code" and 1
  • To move cursor to the end of the sentence: Mapped Option + Down Arrow key to "Send Hex Code" and 5
  • To delete a word-byword ( backward-kill-word ): Mapped Option + BackSpace key to to "Send Hex Code" and 17
The keybindings can be changed from Preferences > Keys (or Preferences > Profiles > Keys). Since the profile level shortcuts were not useful I got rid of most of them from Preferences > Profiles > Keys.

Additionally, these built-in shortcuts will be useful:
  • Ctrl a : Goto the beginning of sentence.
  • Ctrl e : Goto the end of the sentence.
  • Ctrl w : Delete words backward.

These were couple of useful articles helped me to fix this:

Mar 23, 2011

Is your privacy safe online? (I don't think so)

I have recently found that there are several online people search site which list our name, address, age, phone number, job, photo & map of house, price of the house, parent's names and many more information.

You can search yourself on these sites and see the results:

It is dangerous to keep your privacy information listed online, as a quick search by your name will reveal most your details to any one in the world!
You can remove listing your details from those sites by:

But there may be some other sites doing the same, showing your privacy info. If you find any just remove yourself from that site (and let me know too).

This is a good article about this topic: