Aug 3, 2004

"Against love and karma there is no defense"

These days, it had been a very busy schedule.
The Fiesta Holidays deadline is coming.... eeeeee.
And the BIG SAGA!!!
Deadlines are gonna overlap and cracsh each other.

Our company was rearranged and redesigned.
We are going towards 5S!

In the middle of all this work I managed to carry on my guitar lessons and the workout in TotalGYM. :)


Aug 2, 2004

My Second Blog

Hi There Again!

Well what to say?
This is my second blog.



Aug 1, 2004

My first Blog

Hi There!

You are very fortunate see my very first blog.
Well... Dont try to find any errors on this page cos I am not prepared to accept them as my fault!
I am sure this blog will be a hit point in the net in near future ;)
So, till then... CHEERS!!!