Apr 26, 2006

Kodak EasyShare V610 Dual Lens Digital Camera

Kodak has release a new digital camera Easyshare V610. They say it is the world's smallest 10X optical zoom digital camera. Better experience yourself, may be a good deal for a $450.

10X optical zoom

KODAK RETINA Dual Lens Technology

Embedded BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology

2.8 in. (7.1 cm) high resolution color display

Advanced video features

6.1 MP for prints up to 30 x 40 in. (76 x 102 cm)

On-camera picture enhancing features

Apr 24, 2006

Artist brings honour to Lanka

Tributes to my great teacher Lionel Ranaweera, the wellknown artist and teacher of Ananda College. I want to give my gratitude for bringing the honour for Sri Lanka. He has bred a whole lot of young artists in Sri Lanka. In every year his students of 'Jathika Lama Chitra Kala Padanama' brings a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals to Sri Lanka in international children's art competitions. Being a student, I was able to win a lot of medal in the recent past. I can remember those days how he brought up our creativity.

The following was extracted from the Daily News Jan 19, 2006 article.

Artist brings honour to Lanka

Lionel Ranaweera

VETERAN artist Lionel Ranaweera has been awarded the International Award for Best Art Teacher by the Nova Sagora Foundation of Bulgaria. The Award is given in commemoration of Prof. Stoyano Stoyanov.

Lionel Ranaweera is the first Sri Lankan art teacher to win this award.

Thirty-seven countries participated in the International Art Exhibition held in Bulgaria and Sri Lanka won the first place. The students of Jathika Lama Chitra Kala Padanama won all the prizes.

Lionel Ranaweera has won many silver and gold awards during his 36 years of teaching and promoting art among children.

His services have been recognised by many other countries such as Czecholovakia, Romania and Japan.


Apr 14, 2006

Can you resist the click?

Do you think you can resist the mouse click.... I bet you cannot.
If you wanna challange this just check that out by yourself.
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Apr 10, 2006

Orion - Google captures the new algorithm and it's owner!

NSW PhD student Ori Allon has developed a strong text search algorithm, Orion, which has offered a permanent position in Google at Mountain View, California.  His algorithm is a problem solving computational procedure and has been the core functionality of the world's major search engines Google and Yahoo!. He has joined the Google team and yet to finish his PhD. The basic feature of Orion is it gives the results under a specific topic and that topic is determined from the search keywords. The strongest search page will be detailed in brief and the related topics for those given keywords will be also displayed.

Apr 7, 2006

New Bill for Illegal Immigrants

The bill would essentially separate illegal immigrants now living unlawfully in the US into three categories:

· Those who have been in the US for more than five years could work for six years and apply for legal permanent residency - ie a green card - without having to leave the country. They would also have to pay $2,000 (£1,140) in fines and back taxes, clear background checks - including into criminal records - and learn English.

· Those who have been in the US for two to five years would have to go to border entry points sometime in the next three years, however they could immediately return as temporary workers. This category probably accounts for around three million people.

· Those who have been in the US less than two years would have to leave and wait in line for visas like everyone else to return. This group is probably around a million people.

It was estimated that it could take some illegal immigrants up to 14 years to become citizens, partially because there is an annual limit of 450,000 on green cards, which are a precursor to full citizenship.