Jun 6, 2006

6-6-6 Happy Birthday!!!

Its June 6th of 2006.... or 06-06-06..... or 6 6 6......
Anyway its my birthday.
What a nice day to celebrate my birthday.

Jun 1, 2006

Windows Vista Beta

The beta version of Microsoft Windows Vista is available for third party testers now. I have heard in a recent meeting that the University of Texas is also enjoying the privilege of participating in beta testing. I have found out another interesting article about the new features of Vista posted in Tom's Hardware website by Daniel Schuhmann. You can find out the article at "500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows 'Vista' ". It is worth reading this article. It seems to me that windows had invested their money on the cool GUI features again. Also the newly enhanced security features are noticeable and not to mention the much spoken IE7.  Its worth spending some time on this page and who knows that you will end up reading this blog again in a Windows Vista box!